Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jay Z the Conspiracy, Finale!

Finally we will talk about his music and what takes place within them.

There are a lot of symbols in Jay Z's videos and quite a few interesting sayings within his lyrics, the video I have been watching recently was "Run this Town" by Jay Z ft. Rihanna and Kanye West, both featuring artist are also considered to be hardcore Illuminati members, but that is for another day.

Jay Z uses shows his audience many symbols that have to do with the Illuminati. The most common symbol that Jay Z likes to place in his music videos is the Rocafella sign, Jay Z has been accused many times of using this sign to represent the Illuminati but he has rejected all these accusations and has told the public that this sign represents his record label. The sign is supposed to be off an upside down diamond but Jay Z looks through this sign with one eye, the reason for this is unknown but most theorist have come to a conclusion that Jay Z is holding up the Illuminati sign, the all seeing eye.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jay Z the Conspiracy! Pt 2

Previously we talked about Jay Z and his RocaFella sign and how is reflects the Illuminati sign.

There are known issues about his clothing brand "Rocawear", Jay Z's intentions were to make a follow up from his record label "Rocafella" but this time he took it into the direction of a clothing brand. Jay Z personally has been involved with many of the designs of his clothing brand, the strange issue is why would he apply symbolism that represents a secretive organization. Looking back at part 1 we talked about how he used the Rocafella sign with his hand that signified at diamond, to the majority of the public it looks like a triangle with an eye looking though it (one of the most commonly accused symbols to do with the Illuminati). The matter could have been overlooked as a misunderstanding that he was simply trying to show a diamond, but the clothing brands iconography says otherwise.

This is an example of the clothe designs he has worked on:

Both these clothes show semiotics from the Illuminati, the question is why would Jay Z a  music artist add symbolism from such a negatively viewed underground organization? These symbols, consist of the commonly seen pyramid with the eye, an eye overlooking everything and most suspicious being the "Master of the Craft" slogan, meaning the leader of the Illuminati also know as the creator.

What is the point of Jay Z applying such symbols and to show to his audience, is he just using marketing tactics to create a viral discussion between communities or is he actually part of an organization we know little about?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jay Z the Conspiracy!

Jay Z has been the main target for many occult theorists for the last few years, many surronding his RocaFella hand sign and the semiotics that are placed in his music videos. The RocaFella symbol is sign the the memebers of this music label to represetnt themselves, they put their thumbs and index fingers together to create a hand formation that represents a Rock aka a Diamond. The issue is why does Jay Z look through the symbol with one eye? Due to this issue, many have started to accuse Jay Z and all of the Roca Fella label of being involved with the Illuminati.

If you look at the comparison they look completely alike, is Jay Z trying to just represtent his record label or is there some mystery behind all this.

What are your views on this issue?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Welcome To Illuminati Watch!

Welcome to this blog site where I will be discussing all the news and information that is being based on the Illuminati and the music Industry.

There have been many conspiracies that there is an underground secret organization that has taken over the Music / Film and News Industries and are now spreading their own influences to the public.

I plan to find such information and spread it along to you with my personal opinions and beliefs about the situations at hand.

My main focus of this blog is to spread public awareness about the issue of the Illuminati and their control over the music industry. I will be giving my own opinions in each article, it would be great if people could gieve their own opinions on the issues being discussed.